Equestrianism is probably one of the finest sports in the world. It has been passionately followed by some of the most elegant people in the world. It is known by many other names in different countries. It is called “horseback riding” or “horse riding” as well. Horse riding is not just the ability to ride a horse, it is the jockey’s ability to vault, run or chase while on a horse. It requires some amount of talent, and of course, it only works if the rider is able to build a rapport with the horse, and able to bond with it. Working with animals can get really difficult, especially if the rider is not able to understand the animals’ emotions and make the animal do their wish. Equestrianism has a number of applications- not all of it is for sporting or leisure purposes (even though that is what most people think when they think about horse riding). It is used for police work, and for herding other animals, as well. Horse riding plays a huge part in horse shows as well. Equestrianism has its own spot in competitive sports as well- horse races, endurance races, show jumping, polo, etc. are some of the most common sports associated with horse riding. Horse riding has a lot of practical applications, especially in countries that have horse mounted rescue teams and policemen. This website intends to provide people with a basic introduction to the art of equestrianism and the different forms it has taken over the period of human history.