Many people do not realize that there are many different types and styles of horse riding. Under harness horse riding is the most popular form of horse riding, even though there are some forms of riding that use harnesses. The latter is more common in United States, Australia and New Zealand, where there are a number of harness races. Under-saddle is the most common form of horse riding practiced. Thoroughbred horse racing, of course, is the most popular form of horse riding practiced worldwide (after leisure riding, of course). The rules of these races are governed by the Jockey Clubs around the world. Steeplechasing is the second most common form of horse riding. It is even an Olympic event. This is the event where horses (and their riders) are expected to run along a track, while jumping over the obstacles placed in the way. Steeplechasing is most popular in the United Kingdom. Besides thoroughbreds, some lighter breeds are also raced in many places around the world, in separate races. Probably the most difficult form of horse riding is endurance riding. Endurance races range between 30 to 160 km, and are incredibly difficult. The Tevis Cup is the most popular endurance horse racing event. The international endurance races are governed by the Federation Equestre International (FEI). Besides these, there are different types of horse riding, as displayed in the Olympic Games. This includes show jumping (where horses and their riders have to make well-timed jumps over obstacles, without knocking anything), eventing (which involves obstacles, racing, athletic vigour and time restraints) and dressage (training the horse to be obedient and increase the ability of the horse to perform natural movements on request).